Monday, May 3, 2010

" Fish balls "


Here's a vendor selling local fishballs.
Look at how he fries it with re-used oil and then, you choose to dip them in one
of those sauces, sweet, mild or hot.
The big orange and black thing on the back are refreshments.

I couldn't take a good foto of him, he's too shy and it's a busy market so it's
hard to get a close look at him.

I used to eat one of those back in my school days, but haven't for awhile,
because it's unhygienic, but if memory serves right, it's tasty. ^0^

melody: Don't give up on Me - Daniel Powter

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  1. Kumain pa rin ako sissy nung nagbakasyon ako :) Yummy pa rin sya. One day I asked my mother na bumili na lang ng fish balls sa supermarket tapos sa bahay na lang namin iniluto. Sarap din yung squid balls.

  2. Unhygienic and tasty - that's a combination I've come across now and then!

  3. missy: haha, i know, tempting tlga. ^0^

    per stromsjo: ^0^ lol, one must have a strong stomach.

  4. Unhygienic and tasty...describes the best street food!

  5. i remember them to be extremely tasty. i love love them and couldn't get enough, but of course i had to budget my allowance.

  6. A delicious photo of a street food vendor!

  7. Fish balls!!! Now you've made me want some! I like this puffy, airy kind rather than the solid ones that are too similar to kikiam in texture.

  8. Ooh I love vendors! That's nice that you can choose the sauce ;-)

  9. Been looong while since I had some of those. Yummy!


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