Monday, May 17, 2010

" Arsenio Lacson "


This is the other replica of Arsenio Lacson seen along Roxas blvd.
more info :
In 1956, he was named Man of the Year by his peers and was known
as Manila's "Fightingest" mayor. ( as to what fightingest means, i'm not really sure...)
It was in his time that he had re-constructed and re-furbished a lot of Manila's old structure
and edifices, to name a few were the stockyard, the old slaughterhouse, Manila Zoo, Manila General Hospital or now, known as Ospital ng Maynila.

I had to review my old fotos, I took this one a while back but can't seem to remember when.

Note: not to be confused, the man sitted on the left side is an actual human being. ^0^

monochrome entry

melody: Every breath you take - Karen Souza

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  1. Great image. Love the guy sitting next to him, the sculpture I mean!

  2. A very fine statue, and I love the way you caught the man leaning against it!

  3. Both of them have a really great pose in the photo! :-D

  4. that is a wonderful art installation/sculpture. gusto ko ring mag posing jan :D

  5. Must be reassuring, having a mayor to lean on for a while. And well snapped in mono!

  6. Aresenio has some cool shades, man!


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