Thursday, April 29, 2010

" I saw the sign "


Street signs are everywhere in Manila, there's a "No left turn sign",
another that prohibits Calesa (horse drawn carriage), Pedicab (a 3 wheeled bike)
and Tricycles (a 3wheeled motorcycle) to pass around this intersection and the
pink one on top that says:
"Walang Tawiran; Nakamamatay" literally means
"No Crossing or It may caused your Life".

Although the traffic management has been warning people again and again,
that accidents do happen if one crosses the intersection without a pedxing sign or when the green lights are still on.
some of us are blatantly stubborn headed and refused to listen to any of these pre-cautions.

As a driver, it drives me nuts how people can be so inconsiderate and undiscipline at times.

melody: Gavin de Graw - Chariot

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  1. Still it makes a wonderful photograph.

  2. Hay buhay. Pero nagtataka naman ako, ang Pinoy pag nasa ibang bansa masunurin.

  3. luis : tnx! ^0^

    misalyn: haha, i know,ironic nga e, napansin ko din yun. ^0^

  4. people are willing to risk their lives to save a few minutes of walking to the overpass.

  5. photo cache: yes, that's so true. ^0^

  6. I like how all the signs are randomly placed! Your title reminds me of the Ace of Base song ;D

  7. kaori: haha, good guess! that's what i was going for, it reminded me of them. ^0^

  8. Argh I know what you mean!! There's a neverending supply of annoying and rude drivers and pedestrians!!


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