Wednesday, February 3, 2010

" quiet walks "


Jones bridge is one of the main bridges here in Manila,
formerly called Puente de España.
Neo-classical inspired built in the 1920's.
It was once reigned as the queen of the bridges spanning the Pasig River,
but fell into neglect and disrepair in the 1980s.
Partial restoration has revealed some of the beauty of this historical landmark,
but only total renovation could bring out the grandeur of its design.

I had my own quick tour around the area, used to be an isolated place, far-off
where one has to be cautious of their belongings esp. when you're walking alone
at night...
but thanks to the newly installed ferry station just beside it and some street
stall projects provided by the government.
It's way better than before, definitely needs more improvement and like i always hope... fresh renovations or restorations for that matter, to make this
place inviting.

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  1. Looks like a warm, sunny day for a stroll along the water! I'm wondering about those bridge lamps - interesting and unique!

  2. It does seem like a perfect bridge for a stroll while enjoying the water.

  3. Is there a walkway on Jones Bridge? I like the street lamps, are those newly installed too?

  4. The sky has a dramatic appearance. And the river seems to be eye witness of the life.



  5. tnx guys! ^0^

    photo cache: yes, there used to be a walkway already and lamps are new installations and design by our mayor, (you know how they like changes.)

  6. Oh wow, I never knew about this bridge. Cool shot and thanks for sharing.

  7. Been to that place during my college days and am glad to see the difference.

  8. We have to begin with cleaning up the Pasig River.

    Those lights are really funky!

  9. Nice looking bridge and the lamps are eye-catching.

  10. I notice once again some remarkable lamp posts!


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