Thursday, February 4, 2010

" The lion and the cat "


On a sunny morning in Chinatown, while I was looking for a scene to capture and
as my eyes were wandering around.
I saw two Chinese guardian lions ( aka lions of Buddha, stone lions) infront of me,
There was nothing particularly special about them except for this stray old kitty I found hidden quietly underneath one of the sculpture.
Believe me, i'm no cat-lover as i don't hate them either, but we just got a lot of them here.
I find this very amusing and odd at the same time,
She was obviously stressed out from the heat, discovered a shaded spot where she can relax ammidst the rush of people passing by.
An onlooker was wondering what am i doing on the corner of the street ? what was i taking ?
He finally grinned and said, Ah! you were just taking a foto of a cat and I thought it was me! ^0^

see more odd thursdays...

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  1. Awhhh, look at her. She's all muddy the poor thing. Makes a great photo, though!

  2. Historically a cat:) Photo is great. Congratulations. Greetings.

  3. Super cute shot of the cat under the Lion! I always think those Chinese lions looks so cool!

  4. She looks like a fighter, an old warrior

  5. Ah, wish they could just do something about the stray cats. So, this is how it's called...stone lions. I've seen them here on temples.

  6. Tiny cat hiding under big cat. Ha.. ha.. ha.. so cute. So coincident that we have a similar kind of lion statue too in Chinatown in Jakarta.

  7. This kitty is sticking with family! I would have taken this picture too, if I was lucky enough to see it! Fun and unique!

  8. the cat really knows how to attract attention. what a great find.


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