Thursday, February 25, 2010

" In search of an Artist "


The streets of Malate used to be known for its night spots and bar hopping, but that was before Makati and some high end districts came into town.
A lot has changed since then, but if you're in for a good find like antiques and paintings.
There are still quite a few shops worth taking a look.
Like this store for example, it offers an eclectic collection of canvasses for you to choose from.
Mostly for sale here are scenic sights abroad and local.
You can also have it made to order depending on your preference.

see anything you like? ^0^

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  1. Oh, I see lots of things I like!! Specifically the one on the floor to the left with the flowers.

  2. This is a wonderful photo Arabesque. I like them all but if I had to choose, I'd pick two - the blue with the palm tree and the one to the right with the palm tree and orange sky.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  3. Funny. I know the same shop, selling the very same pictures in... Dublin, Ireland!

  4. That is indeed a beautiful capture. I love taking my sweet time inspecting and enjoying the painting when I go inside a store like this. Unfortunately some sales ladies wont leave your side while you browse.

    Did you go home with one of those beauties?

  5. The paintings look nice in the photo, due to all those colors. I imagine I would be able to find something there that I like.


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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