Tuesday, February 23, 2010

" Edifice "

Another structure that's worth taking a second glimpse is this building right infront of Plaza Lacson and "Santa Cruz Church.
What used to be Prudential Bank is now owned by the Bank of the Philippine Islands
(managed by the Ayala's).
I've been searching for the name of this edifice, but somehow can't seem recall.
Not to worry, i'll re-visit it again one of these days and get a closer look to it.

It's inspired by neo-classical architecture and the piece de resistance would be the ornate and figurative designs and the main clock on the middle.
Back in the old days, the clock used to be in good condition, but ever since the refurbishing of this place which has been converted so many times.
I guess, they forgot to reset it again.

A Street that's ultimately busy and chaotic at the same time, located in Santa Cruz,
so believe me when i say, it's pretty hard to get a good shot, much less the right timing.

The colorful buses you see on the forefront would be the usual transportation via Manila to Las Pinas, this is the main stopover.


and just as i was about to get a shot clear shot, this oblivious conductor came blocking my sight again. ^0^


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  1. The splashes of red make the composition beautiful. What a grand bank! Mine is just a tiny one

  2. I agree with Renee. And it's a beautiful building.

  3. I understand your pain, I take most of my photos on the weekends because of the traffic and all the extras that would otherwise clutter my photos. But in this instance the buses don't take from the photo, they add color to it. Nice building.

  4. I hope this building remains clean for ever :D

  5. I think that's the most ornate and gorgeous pediment I have yet seen in the metro! I hope BPI keeps the building — I know they'll take very good care of it.

  6. Classy building! I like all the decoration around the clock, too! And the buses really brighten the place up, huh? :D

  7. All the banks have amazing architectures !! Money money.



  8. They ought to fix that clock. Never mind the conductor, he's just visited the bank.

  9. beautiful architecture Arabesque and clock too,

    you are lucky to capture the building without the busses ;) and yeah, don't mind the guy ;)

  10. Or maybe he's the one who has been asked to fix the clock and now he needs to go get his tools and a ladder?

  11. Hi Arabesque! (Love the name! :)) That's a beautiful looking bank. I just wish we could preserve our architecture better :( There are so many nice things in Manila that could stand the test of time but don't, because of poor maintenance. I wonder what buildings or architecture the next generation will be left with. But still, great shots!!


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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