Friday, January 8, 2010

"Guitar man"


Do you play guitar?
This man is selling the folk/spanish kind.
I can only show you his back, call it a sneaky shot, once he knew i was going to take picture of him, he might think i was going to buy one. ^0^

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  1. Some would even cover their faces...too shy for the camera. Great shot here arabesque.

  2. Big Sister once had an Argentinian beau who played her folksy Latin American songs. Luckily it was before my time so I didn't have to listen.

  3. Nice "sneaky" photo! I wonder who makes the guitars?

  4. good shot Arabesque! :) i love to capture people "secretly" on my cam ;)

  5. I don't, but as I'm typing this, my husband's playing in the living room. :)

    I'm amazed at how much he can carry!

  6. Wow. I like this; never seen musical instruments of this size being sold like this. Is there a big demand for guitars in Manila? :) Nice shot.

  7. I do. Nice shot sissy. Saan ang lugar na yan? Malamang sa may Lawton.

    Happy weekend.

  8. That's a lot of guitars, I wonder how much they weigh? And he's also carrying ukeleles? or fiddles?
    The fountain is really pretty withy the pinks and reds.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  9. wow, that's something new to me. you have street vendors selling guitars and violins?

  10. afv, maricar: thnx!

    eki: yes, usually on streets where there are more tourists. ^0^

    blossom flower girl: ooh, they weigh pretty heavy indeed, but i'm amaze at how they carry it with such ease and yes, i think they're smaller versions of guitars also for the kids. ^0^

    misalyn: erm, it's in malate. ^0^

    andreea: yes, filipino tend to be musically inclined, we love our guitars! ^0^
    almost anyone here can play a tune or two.

    hilda: wow, hubby is serenading you while you blog eh? ^0^

    leif: haha, that i don;t know, they prob. have their suppliers.

    miss tilney: haha, that wouldn;t be music to your ears...^0^

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