Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Continuing last week's post on 'Temples n Sky'.
This is probably the most famous Chinese Buddhist Temple here called "Seng Guan Si".
Inspired by Stupa like structure, its interiors are intricately carved with detailed designs.
In themes of red, gold and dark hand crafted woods furnishings.
It's frequently visited by locals (mostly fil-chinese) who have a profound belief in this religion.
Upon entering it main door, you'll be greeted by the laughing buddha and further inside is the goddess of Mercy.
It's said that the goddess of mercy (bodhisattva) "Kuan Yin Ma" is the most precised and beloved among the venerated saints inside.
Kuan Yin Ma is similar of Mother Mary in Catholism.
A mural depicting the life of Buddha is on the second floor and on the third floor is where you'll find the statue of the Holy Buddha, a place where worshippers have their prayers and daily chants.

Pagoda like structure of the exterior

The entryway

A closer look at its ornate design and writings

ps: to all who commented for the last few days esp. yesterday, "thank you!" ^0^
blogging is eating part of my life,^0^ but reading your comments makes me smile on a bad day and makes me want to post more of something everyday. ^-^

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  1. You have a large "district". It's a huge city and you take on the challenge. I spend lots of time criss-crossing our county as well and that makes me appreciate your effort.

  2. It makes me want to have temple tour in Asia...Great shots here.

  3. Gosh, I don't think I've even been anywhere near this temple. Where is it? And are you allowed to take pictures inside? If yes, I hope you can take us on a virtual tour! :)

  4. Sissy eto ba yung nasa may Coastal Road? Ganda ng mga shots mo sissy.

  5. Interesting architecture. I'm glad that you did a close-up of the entrance design, it looks very nice. The blog is taking me a lot of time too but like you I find joy in the fact that people read it.

  6. The layers of pagoda roofs are nicely caught in the first photo.


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