Thursday, January 14, 2010


Driving along Intramuros, passing by cobbled stones and intricate structures made me realize that was used to be called the Walled city- is in dire need of refurbishing, restoration and it seems the government is doing nothing about it.


What i'm showing you today is the exterior of The church of San Agustin, known to be the mother of all Philippines colonial churches. (Recently repainted and restored.)
In 1993, it's designated by UNESCo as a world's heritage site and had been named a National Historical Landmark by the Philippine government in 1976.
It was built by Juan Macias in 1586 and was completed in 1606., there's a side chapel next to the main altar which is dedicated to the Spanish Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, the founder of Manila.
His remains were re-buried here by the Augustinians, unidentified and mixed along with others, after they were ruthlessly unearthed by the British who were searching for golden treasures in 1762.
The facade throws a style of high renaissance, its symmetrical composition, paired by Tuscan columns that flank the main door of the two-tiered facade.
Researchers have been debating that the structure may have been inspired by an inverted vault-like foundation that reacts to seismic effects in the same manner as the hull of a ship resists the waves.
Therefore being the oldest chruch here in the Phils.

ps: you might want to visit this site "traveler on foot".
I think it gives you a more detailed look at Manila's historical life in general and more.

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  1. Great shot sissy and thanks for the historical info.

    Bakit kaya yung sa may bandang kanan ng church eh hindi napiturahan? Sayang naman ang ganda kung hindi maisasaayos ang paglilinis at pagme-maintain nito. Hay gobyerno.

  2. The UNESCO heritage concept is great for attracting tourists but it does come with quite a bit of responsibility as well.

  3. Beautiful building. Looks so very spanish!

  4. I have to check this part of Intramuros next time coz I can't remember if I've been into this church.

  5. the church just pops out from the blue sky background. i really forgot how this church looks like inside :(

  6. A beautiful old church and lovely architecture.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  7. A beautiful old church by the looks of it.


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