Monday, December 14, 2009

"she sells sea shells"


This very attractive ornaments you see in this foto,(apart from the girl's hideous back) are shells, usually made of Capiz which Phils. are very well-known of.
Not to be confused by Capiz as a province, it's a material that's sort of similar from the Mother of Pearl. They're transparent mollusks which are also known as windowpane oysters. It can be used in many ways but mostly, it's famous for its chandeliers and illuminated decorations such as the famous "Parol". the star-like shape on the left.

If you want to look for affordable stuffs like these, you should head off to the underpass of Quiapo where it's located.
What they sell here are mostly authentic although haggling is still the best way to get a good value.

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  1. Been there during college days, ang gandang umikot sa lugar na yan, dami kang mabibili.

    Pwedeng pasalubong yan :)

  2. I knew it! The world's your oyster...


  3. Sometimes Sydney's suburban Sally sells spectacular seashore seashells!

  4. Beautiful stuff! Would appreciate your local help to buy the right thing and to do the haggling! :-)

  5. misalyn: hmmm, pasalubongs? did i hear that right? hehe. oo nga, dami nga mabili. ^0^ if only i have enuf space inside my house...

    per stromsjo: haha, got that right! lol ^0^

    rob n mandy: chin: thanks!

    leif: hi leif! so goes the tongue twisters! love it! ^-^

    peter: yup! the haggling part would be interesting. ^-^

  6. They look interesting, I haven't seen something like this before (I've seen necklaces made of seashells but not chandeliers).

  7. Maybe there's a pearl deep inside each and everyone of us?


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