Thursday, November 19, 2009

...still bike...


There's something quiet about this picture that I'm fascinated about.

As much as i love taking fotos of structures and people,
I also like bikes in particular and honestly,I don't know why. ^0^
by the way, i spotted this outside south harbor, pier.

how about you, what kind of fotos do you like to take? ^-^

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  1. Looks like the owner of that bike is a male beacause of its color. If this bike can talk, i think he will say" come, and let us wander around".

    I love taking photos of fences.Let me share with you the decorated fences of downtown Al Ain, UAE thru my photoblog.

    A lovely thursday night to you.

  2. Pretty bike. Why do I have a feeling the owner's a girl? :)

  3. A bike is an eco-friendly vehicle and that is something to appreciate.

  4. I like this shot too, it looks like it's waiting to take its owner on a new adventure.


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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