Wednesday, September 9, 2009

いっただきます!let's eat!
おいしいですね!it's delicious!

first off, this yummy caramel smoogee ordered by my sis. now you know why it's in japanese ^-^
it's one of my favorite resto.

off the menu...
i think i've tried it all already...
but it's my 1st time to try "Yoshi" Burger...
a mix of ground beef (sort of chili con carne) and tomato sauce

...the menu...

soup and pastas displays...
still some displays...

oh, did i say that i they have delicious crepes ?!
unfortunately i'm super stuffed already... next time maybe...

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  1. Thanks for the delicious photos! I feel 10 pounds heavier just from looking at them. The food displays remind me of teaching English in Japan back in 1989. I used to bring the waitress outside to the display cases in front of the restaurant and just point at the meal I wanted!

  2. glad you like, when i visit a foreign country, i also do that once in a while, it's easier...

  3. I don't think we have that here in Tokyo! Looks good :)

  4. Your sister made a good choice. That caramel smoogee looks pretty good. Come to think of it I'll think I'll have a Yoshi Burger too.

  5. haha.. glad you like the food guys! ^-^ happy eating!

  6. I don't even remember seeing a Tokyo Cafe yet. When I see one, I'll surely try it because of you!

  7. hilda: lol,apart from the greasy foods they offer...^-^ they also have scrumptious veggie pizza and salads...

  8. yeah me too. I'll give it a try because of your recommendation =)

    my word verification: press

  9. layrayski: lol! ^-^ yeah, give it a try sometime...


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