Tuesday, September 8, 2009

...fancy jeep in singapore...

pls click image to enlarge ^-^
info: Owner-type — A customized Jeep-derived vehicle for private, non-commercial use. Usually constructed in bright stainless steel.
Last week, i visited the 8Q-S.A.M ( singapore art musuem ) at queens road.
I was astounded to see a shiny silver Jeep infront of me. ^-^
At first i thought, no way!- an owner jeep here in Manila would be snobbed and would look rusty and old.
And showcasing it here @ s.a.m? could this be a work of a filipino artist?
well... indeed it is! ( pls see upper details ).
The information guy at the counter was very kind and explained that it's their main highlight for this month...this musuem was purely dedicated for upcoming new-edge artist and designers.
well, it's proudly filipino made... ^-^

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  1. really? and what a cool jeep it is. I like the wings-- reminds me of a superhero character (thor?)

  2. What a cool jeep. Very creative. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow I haven't seen that kind of jeep for along time. I guess saw it when I was a kid.

  4. Very creative, lot of imagination has gone in to this.

  5. ...revisiting the primal scene of aggression, retroactively arresting its power...

    The artist's statement is a bit too much for me. Someone is obviously taking himself very seriously.

    I certainly prefer your presentation!

  6. Very innovative and beautiful jeep.

  7. Crazy! And cool!

    Not an art piece I'd like in my home though. Sometimes, I just don't get these art installations…


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