Tuesday, August 18, 2009

what do you think?...
An art piece like this can always be subjective.
This painting caught my eye because it reminded me of what used to be an
old casa.
The interiors of detailed carving, large capiz windows, dark wood flooring and antique furnitures... you seldom see houses like these except in provinces where it's mostly owned by affluent people or big houses like these altered as museums...

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  1. the carvings on the wood. so so delicate!

    nice place to have a holiday if it's real eh? ;-)

  2. It's gorgeous inside - like a jewelry box!! Beautiful photo!

  3. that´s beautiful, i love the light effects

  4. Must have been wonderful to live in a house like that... the wood carving, the windows, the awnings outside... I'm glad there are still some around even if they are museums, well, I guess ordinary people wouldn't get in them otherwise!

  5. Wow. Who's the artist? The details are fantastic!

    Oh, and Casa Manila looks like this inside :)

  6. hilda: haha, looks like i don't need to visit casa mla. anymore
    uhm...no idea who's the artist...

  7. Hi you're new! Hello! I'm not really updated with the city daily community news so I was surprised there's another Manila daily photo and I didn't know about it. =) Beautiful painting. Where did you take a picture of this? Its beautifully realistic but with a kind of whimsy to it.


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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