Monday, August 17, 2009

~ One of the oldest and historical places here in Manila is Intramuros.
This word literally means ~ Within the Walls. This high wall enclosed structure was the place where most spaniards used to live.
This 18th century architecture is called Casa Manila. It's a colonial museum. Personally i've never been inside but i guess cameras are off-limits.
This is only the partial exterior part of the structure, where you can find some restaurants and a souvenir shop...

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  1. That's more like it - thank you and welcome to Mono Weekly.

  2. Nope, no cameras allowed inside. It's great for the great information explaining the parts of the house, what they were used for, the type of furniture, etc. But if you've been to almost any family's ancestral house in provincial city centers, it's going to look very, very familiar ;)

  3. Cool and thanks for the history. Any Spaniards left in Manila?


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