Thursday, August 13, 2009

ugh! our connection brokedown again yesterday... it's really unnerving when it happens, you can't surf and you can't blog...does it happen to you? i hope not...
anyway, for today's post:
The pros and cons of living in the city...The LRT (light railway transit) is almost right beside where i live,so, not only do i see it everyday but i can also hear the screeching sound
when the train would make a stop or if there was an announcement to be made.
On the other hand, i don't have to hurry on my way to work bec. i'm literally justa few mts. away... ^-^
what you see in this photo is the LRT line and an old bldg. as its backdrop.

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  1. It's cool how the train and the building match.

  2. Sorry to hear about the noise disturbing you, but Wow! at the convience! I need to take a tricycle and a jeep to the nearest MRT station ;)


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