Friday, March 16, 2012

" what's cooking ? "

sorry for the on and off postings I've been having lately.
the "blah" life has been really hectic and I seem to be in no mood for anything.

anyways, I was out for a walk to buy some dindins after work and taking random photos of here and there.
This was minutes before the vendor was about to call it a day.
Not a trés bon angle but I like how the light was focusing on this cart.


and this one, on a greyish area.
I like the nostalgic feel of this, where nowadays everything looks generically commercial.


the typical hang out after work scenario of some of the locals.
Beer, Karaoke and Stories.

Happy weekend all! ^0^

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  1. These are very nice Arabesque. Good seeing you.

  2. The second shot is almost universal... Love it!
    I just made crepes... You know how to find us!

  3. Very great stories said on these photos... Take your time, we all need one when we are all tired & exhausted...

  4. street stories are what your lens captured. i could have my dinner there and mingle with the locals, for which i consider myself still one of them.

  5. Love that second shot Arabesque, life as it is!! Hope you enjoyed your dindins!! (love it)

  6. I know how you feel, Arabesque! Glad to see your photos again though! The black and white is fabulous :D


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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