Friday, February 24, 2012

" Now Showing "


I can't get enough of "The girl with the golden tattoo",
and if you haven't watched it yet, I recommend the original suede version,
it's a trilogy actually, based on the novel by Stieg Larsson.

how about you, any interesting films you've watched lately.
This foto was taken on the streets of Rizal avenue and Recto.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. my eyes were transfixed to the other ads - "sweet na sweet hotel".

  2. I totally agree Arabesque, the Swedish version is so good. I won't even go and see the American version, somehow I think it will lose something in the translation!

  3. Yep the girl with the dragon tattoo triloogy in swedish is more it than the hollywood one. and yes the "sweet na sweet" ad caught my eye first.

  4. Haven't seen the American version, but much liked the Swedish ones ... and the books of course! Remakes are seldom better or as good! However, Roone Mara is Oscar nominated. ... Maybe I have to see it after all!

  5. I think I will finally see that Swedish film soon....


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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