Wednesday, January 11, 2012

" Barcelona and Me "

It took me almost two weeks before I can take a pause and post a few bits of my trip.
Believe it or not, I still have a huge hangover with Europe that I'm still adjusting with its time zone. ^0^
Thankfully though, i think i'm back to normal again.
Beware though, this is a terribly Long post, so skip if you think you needed to...

Well, First off, I would like to share Barcelona (BCN) with you.
I have good impressions with them despite the multiple warnings about carteristas ( pickpokets).
In fact, even applying for a Schengen Visa here isn't as hard as I thought it would be,
the consul who interviewed me, didn't catch her name but Thank you! ^0^
she was nice and polite, although you have to pay for a fee when
asking for a schedule for the interview,
It wasn't hard, except for the security guard downstairs where you had to wait for your turn,
he can be a bit bossy, but the second time, we were there, he's already smiling and even wink at us
and said, "oh!
good luck on your trip, you finally got your visa." ^0^

Contrary to the french embassy though.
Our first request was through email for a schedule and because we haven't received any reply,
we thought It got lost or something, we decided to gave them a call.
The person on the other line, unfriendly and sort of irritated as she was, said to patiently wait for
the email and that night they did reply and had scheduled us a month before the
said trip, just a month! and while you have to wait for 15 days for your visa.
How can you even make plans with days of waiting and not knowing if you're going to approved or not?!
We tried calling again hoping for a re-schedule but that person again said they're busy and
can't accommodate our questions.
Desperate and about to give up on my trip,
I stumbled through a local blog here called, who shares her insights about the French embassy
and later realized that most of their schedules are really like that,
the consuls, depending in which window are sometimes hot and cold,
the employees are more unhelpful than their boss.
unless, you're someone who knows someone, then maybe you can set a better schedule.
And disappointing to say that I'm not happy about are those Pinoys working inside the embassy
who thinks highly of themselves and takes a snob off these people applying for a visa.
They're the ones making the schedule, skimming your data and filtering the details, you know what I mean...

We finally applied in the Spanish embassy, I glad I did and the trip made it even worthwhile.
In fact, I miss BCN terribly that I wish I can visit it again soon. haha!

Now for the post,
to describe Barcelona in one sitting isn't enough and as much as I wanted to post every picture of
what i've seen, it will take forever.
so here's a glimpse of BCN. hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. ^0^

I think for a first timer, the Hop on -hop off bus called Bus Turistic, a double decker bus and is
the best ride you could take.
there's a red, blue and green line that goes in different directions,
but during the winter months, the green line is not available.
It will take you to its major sights and worth the time and money.
I commend the every 10 minutes wait for a bus to arrive and helpful staffs inside the bus,
they spoke good english and they don't cheat you with time schedules.
plus the discounts and handouts they gave you are also informative.
for two days, it's less than 30euros.


You can't say you went to BCN and not see the imposing Sagrada Familia.
this one taken during lunch time, the weather was pretty great btw.


this one at a different angle taken earlier.

next stop, Park Guell.
The hilly climb on top is worth it once you're there,
the view's amazing and although, flocked by tourist from left to right.
the works of Gaudi is awe inspiring.

The famous Placa Catalunya, just 10 minutes from our hotel,
come sundown, the place is pack with people.


Las Ramblas and its fancy lights.


Things you'd find along this area.
Lots of shopping galore, souvenirs, souvenirs and more souvenirs.
Tourist opening their maps and finding their way,
Your easiest way to el raval, port vell, barri gothic...
Street performers, sketch artists and more! ^0^


getting lost at La Boqueria- be like the locals as you wander around stores selling bombones ( candies),
Jamon, fruits, marisco, etc...

where Columbus is pointing...


Rambla del Mar -
the sea view, though I've seen it many times in fotos and blogs, looks beautiful once you're there, plus the
amazing weather.
If only I could stay there for hours and let my mind ease off and not worry about anything. ^-^

More BCN fotos hasta mañana!

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  1. Well, Colombus is pointing the wrong way... Or maybe he's pointing towards home, Italy... Glad you enjoyed our mad city!

  2. I am so glad you enjoy Barcelona. It is a great city!

  3. so beautiful isn't it? the weather is fabulous too. it's just a glorious place to visit and maybe live in.

  4. rob: haha! i think colombus is lost. ^0^ i didn't know he;s pointing in the wrong direction till my dad explained it to me. ^-^

    luis: yes, it is indeed Luis.

    pc: i should agree, gorgeous weather and an interesting place.

  5. Hi! For my trip to France last year, I was widely helped by Wanderlass' post on applying for a Schengen visa from the French embassy. This year, google pointed me towards your blog. I've been searching all over on how I can apply for the visa from Spain, as I want to go to Barcelona too. The website doesn't tell me how to set an appointment. can you please tell me how? Thanks so much.

  6. rejoyce: hi there!
    it's easy to apply for a schengen visa from the spanish embassy,
    of course, you still have to submit all the required documents, call 8459200, or try to email them at
    hope this helps. ^0^


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