Monday, December 5, 2011

" Love ko to! "

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A famous fast food slogan we have here.
only in Chinatown will you see Chinese lanterns adorned with Chinese inscriptions on it.

Despite the grainy foto, it looks festive though, at least from this point of view.

Hiya! been busy with real life,
so blogging is a bit sporadic.
Thanks for bearing with me. ^0^

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  1. Hope everything is well Arabesque. I have missed your images.

  2. I see Maccers is as popular in your part of the world as everywhere Arabesque. You get out there and enjoy yourself, we're happy to catch up and enjoy your images when they appear! Take care.

  3. McDo helps me a lot especially when I'm too lazy to cook :))

    Hope everything is well with you sistah.

  4. I'm wondering if that means I'm Lovin' it in Chinese? ;D


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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