Wednesday, December 14, 2011

" Excelente Ham "

a few more days before Christmas...
and while traffic jams are quite heavy these days,
the usual frowns and odd-faces of some people
have turned into smiles and thank you.
Yes, Christmas is certainly here. ^0^
Are you rushing out for last minute shopping or already did your homework early?

Maybe quite an overused phrase but Time really flies fast, doesn't it?

Well, I was in the streets of Quiapo the other week and it's been ages
since I last visited this area,
mind you, the area can be packed with people from all sorts and chaotic
at the same time.

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There's a good old fashioned ham store around that area that I want to share
and it sells fresh and tasty hams of all sizes and shapes.

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so, if ever you're in this neck of the wood,
it's called Excelente, your usual run of the mill store that looks a bit rundown and dated, don't be fooled by its interior though,
it still is by far, one of the good quality hams.

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You can opt for the classic or buy them in shredded bits.
Depending on the size, the prices don't come cheap though,
but at least it has quality.
something that's hard to find these days.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect name for this shop Arabesque, lot of meaty goodies there. Hard to believe it's only just over a week to go, and I have not finished my Chrissy shopping yet!!

  2. Time to have lunch! Great shots Arabesque.

  3. the "pata" ham used to be a mainstay in our table durign noche buena. we have those here but way too expensive. one was $200 last year so we passed. more expensive than lechon.

  4. You'll be tasting our local jamon very soon!

  5. Na-miss ko bigla ang hamon. I'd like to have one in ngayon na!


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