Wednesday, August 10, 2011

" Ice Hockey "

Anyone game for this kind of sport? ^0^

I think this foto made you think for a second that it wasn't in Manila.


Call me " welcome to the universe" but I didn't know we even had one here till
I saw a group of players practicing for the game.
Like some onlookers, I was also a bit curious, so I stayed for awhile to watch the game.
I'm not exactly sure who's winning at some point.
But this one did reminded me of the movie The Mighty Ducks. ^0^

These are some the aerial shots.



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  1. Great shots Arabesque, I've never actually watched one of these games except like you on telly, but it looks like it's very high action and should imagine that hockey stick gets to places it probably shouldn't haha!

  2. This is excellent Arabesque. Great shots. I do enjoy hockey!

  3. Funny, and unexpected. Reminds me of the ski slopes in Dubai.


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