Tuesday, August 2, 2011

" 3 sided figure "

This is one of the structures inside the walls of Intramuros that is along Cabildo street.
How old this is, I don't have an inkling really.
I like the irregularity of its shape that connects with another old tenement.


Btw, I have been missing out on daily life lately, the rains keep pouring and it's hard to go out for a
walk without getting yourself wet or your feet be soak in water for that matter. ^0^

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  1. It is a great looking building Arabesque! Love the colors.

  2. What a weird and wonderful building, half temple, half something else. Any idea what it is/was?

  3. They do look like they've been built to fit each other, I wonder which one was there first Arabesque?

  4. looks like well cared for and i like all the detailing and the color scheme.

    this looks like the flatiron building - only prettier, I think.

  5. Is the typhoon still there? Hope you get a bit of sunshine soon! Until then, your building photos are fabulous and am enjoying them emensly! :D

  6. Is the building still being used? It's an interesting architectural design. Makes you think the reason why they made it into 3 sides. Oh, and how the occupants make use of that little corner. :D


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