Sunday, July 17, 2011

" Roman Ongpin "

The statue of Roman Ongpin stands right at the heart of Chinatown and beside Binondo Church.
Known for being a patriot and a philanthropist.
Roman Ongpin was a true Manileno at heart.
Born on February 28, 1847.
He joined a lot of propaganda, fighting for the rights of Filipinos.
He was jailed for conspiracy during the war between the Spaniards and the Americans,
but was also released after.
He became the president for Casa Asilo de Invalidos, La proteccion de la Infancia
and Gota de leche to name a few.
He died on the 10th of Decembre 1912.


and finally in 1915, a street was named after him as Ongpin. st. here in Binondo.

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  1. He certainly was a busy man in his time Arabesque, nice shot!

  2. Ooh I like this composition! And also the chinese letters on the statue :D


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