Wednesday, July 13, 2011

" San Lorenzo Ruiz "

who is Lorenzo Ruiz ?


He's a well-loved patron saint and a martyr,
the first to be canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1987 and
here in Binondo around the circle stands his statue.

Taken from The Chapel of San Lorenzo Ruiz website :

" San Lorenzo had a Chinese father and Tagalog mother who lived in the Parian district of Manila.
In 1636, Ruiz was implicated in a murder.
He sought help from his Dominican superiors .
Initially, Ruiz thought he was being sent to Taiwan, where he believed his Chinese roots would enable him to start a new life.
Little did he know that he and the missionary expedition led by Fray Domingo Ibanez was actually headed for Nagasaki, Japan, where feudalism was fanning the flames of Christian persecution.
Lorenzo Ruiz was headed straight into the arms of death. "

Beside the statue is also another commemorative monument in remembrance to those patriots who served the country.


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  1. Very nice black and white. Thanks for the info Arabesque.

  2. I love statues with a good history, thanks Arabesque.

  3. I followed your link and realized that I know this story in history! It's very famous among us christians here in Japan. I remember learning about this when I was little and thinking what a brave person he was!


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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