Friday, July 29, 2011

" Rainy days "

just outside Luneta park,
on a rainy afternoon.

while others were complaining about the heat...


for the past few days here, the weather looks like this.

"rain, rain ,go away,
come again, another day... "

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  1. why the american flag?

    it's going to heat up here starting today.

  2. We just can't ever be pleased! Great shot Arabesque.

  3. Kind of ironic that the owner jeep uses an american flag.

  4. Looks a bit like Perth Arabesque, but even though it's raining it doesn't look that cold, I see someone in shorts and T shirt. Hope it stops for a while over the weekend for you!

  5. Interesting vehicle, does it take fares like those colourful jeepneys?

  6. pc: yes, that's what i've been hearing lately.
    and think the irony in this foto is the flag. ^0^

    luis: tnx Luis. ^0^

    gene: haha, indeed. ^-^

    rob: ^0^

    perth: no, it's actually still humid despite the torrential rain but the running water's super cold though. ^0^

    ab: nope, not use as a public transpo. though. ^0^

  7. Such heavy sheets of rain! This looks a lot like my recent winter world in Melbourne!

  8. That rain is really coming down! I like the american flag in this photo. Wonder why though :D


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