Friday, July 1, 2011

" Popcorn "


I know there's not much to look at, except these hideous cable wires, an old house and a tree on its back.
But, it's not everyday that I see some popcorn inspired clouds covered in bleu sky
on a weekday night around 7ish.

Happy friday everyone!

for more inspiring skies... visit Sky watch friday.

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  1. i love the blue in the sky you captured!!!!!!!! as i scrolled down i didn't notice the power lines etc until the end. wonderful sky photo!!!

  2. never get tired of the popcorn.

  3. Oh no, now I have that old song in my head!
    That's a huge and beautiful sky. Reminds me of sheep as well.

  4. You can't go past the 'pop corn' sky Arabesque, especially when the blue is so fabulous, and you've even managed to get a touch of green in there for 'green theme', excellent!!

  5. Beautiful blue sky and I love how the clouds become more dense as they get lower and farther away. Very pretty. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

  6. "popcorn" is a perfect caption. my grandma used to say it's a perfect time to plant camote when cloud formations look like this.*LOL*

  7. Those sure are unusual clouds!

  8. Cable wires aren't obstacles, they're small against the immense, beautiful sky. Utility wires are not underground in most part of Japan, either. Have a happy weekend!

  9. Hi Arabesque! Thanks so much for the comment on my post the other day! It really isn't everyday you see popcorn clouds. Very cool :D


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