Thursday, July 7, 2011

" Black Chicken "

Don't be fooled by its white feathers,
because contrary to ordinary chickens,
its skin and its bones are all Black.
Hard to believe right > ?

In common markets here in downtown and I think you can only find it here.
Ask any vendor about black chicken or "Ulikba" in tagalog
or if you know a little Fookien ( chinese dialect ), you can inquire "Diong Kue" simply and i'm sure they know it.
A piece of this can be quite expensive than normal chickens and depending on its quality and size.


It's a common, comfort soup by the Chinese people, the locals here specifically buys this chicken
and mixed them with some medicinal herbs and spices.
They're good for the immune system and very nutritious as well.
But if you don't know how to cook them,
you can always order this from a chinese restaurant. ^0^

Next time, I'd be sure to post a black chicken soup,
see how it looks like, so you'd have an idea. ^0^

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  1. I did not know you get such a thing Arabesque, how fascinating. Looking forward to seeing the soup.

  2. never heard of such a thing before. have you tasted it?

  3. luis: ^0^

    perth dp: haha, will post it sometime.

    photo cache: yes, my grandma used to make this. ^0^
    for starters, the taste maybe a bit bitter but once you get the hang of it,it's actually tastes good and delicious. ^0^

  4. Interesting. Do they always have white feathers these black chickens?

  5. Awww it looks so cute! Why would anyone eat it? haha! The white feathers really mask the black skin very well.

  6. We have it too. In addition to being considered as having medicinal property, black chicken is also used for ritual sacrifices among those who still believe in our ancient tradition.


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