Monday, May 2, 2011

" Trash 101 "

One of the good things that I've noticed recently is the proper segregation of waste.


But seriously, does anyone follow this rule ?
A perfect example would be in our vicinity,
even when there are specific signs for bio and non biodegradable,
still, as if illiterate people, nobody is following it.

In other countries, one is aware of this simple rules,
sadly, it's not the case here.

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  1. people will eventually get with the program. some are just slow learners :)

    happy may.

  2. Nor is it here, despite of the very high number of bins in Barcelona, all of them color coded

  3. Well, I wouldn't say that we are perfect in this respect in France either! :-)

  4. I think it takes some time for people to get used to the new rules. Here in Japan, we needed some time, but still some people ignore the rules. This problem seems to be international. Have a nice week!!

  5. haha, tnx for your cool insights. ^0^
    how i wish Manila will be less-polluted soon.

  6. Well it's hard to get people to follow new rules, but hopefully after awhile people will start to catch on! Maybe they should make the pictures larger so you can know at a glance?

    I heard people in the evacuation shelters in the Tohoku area were still seperating their trash so some people do follow the rules :-)


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