Thursday, May 5, 2011

" He scores! "

Filipinos have a thing for basketball,
I don't know why they like it so much,
It's like Japan is to Baseball as Europe is to football,

Most Sundays, some parts of the alleyway and side streets would be barricaded
and impassable to cars.

I don't think it's a hassle for most of the drivers,
I don't hear them complain about it,
but It is a bit troublesome for me, because instead of taking a
shorter trip to my destination,
I am forced to take the other street, only to find out
that it's also barricaded because, there's another basketball game happening.
When they're kind enough to let you pass, you take extra caution as not to
hit anyone or in case the ball accidentally hits your car.

Although, there are certain areas provided for this recreation and leisure event,
in a city where it's overpopulated,
It's literally not enough.


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  1. Excellent! Living here in 'Little Manila', this photo could have been taken 2 streets from where we live!

  2. only in Pinas! Kapag naglalakad ako sa kalye sa probinsya, halos di ko mabilang ang mga "courts" sa kalsada :))

  3. one of the best playground location and pic i've ever seen

  4. I know how much passion we have for basketball and we don't generally have the required height for it to compete with others.

  5. I grew up watching the NBA so I LOVE basketball...but we don't see so many courts like this here. Looks like they are having fun! Do you shoot hoops, Arabesque? :D

  6. rob n mandy:
    really?! haha, that would've been interesting.

    misalyn: oo nga, lagi nalang may open court. ^0^

    photo cache: no, we don't really care, as long as you know how to play the game. ^0^

    kaori: funny you should ask,
    i was once in the team, i think i was the pointer back then, not bec, I know how to play, but the team was in short of players. haha.
    oh! you brought back embarrassing but happy thoughts of when I was in H.s ^0^

    luis / Milanblogger: tnx! ^0^

  7. haha! High school is the time for embarrassing memories, Arabesque :D


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