Saturday, April 30, 2011

" Watermelon cart "

Summer's here!
this time around, everyone's complaining about the weather,
even when you're lazing around, you can pretty much feel the heat.


and to quench your thirst, nothing but a mouthwatering slice of fresh watermelon.
that's only 10- pesos per slice. ^0^

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  1. Love the street scene and how colorful it is!

  2. Unfortunately for me, watermelons bring back memories of backbreaking hard labor under the sun... Old and long story. Love your header though!

  3. watermelon shake sounds good. i hear about the unbearably hot weather you're having lately.

  4. Watermelon is a summer favorite! Yum! :D

  5. It's a very colourful scene. I read somewhere that watermelon is a very health-giving fruit, and it excels as a thirst-quencher.

  6. i cant stand to eat watermelon,here's not yet season,i've to wait

  7. luis, kaori, milanblogger, jenny freckles: thanks! ^0^

    rob n mandy: long story huh?! ^0^
    i do hope that despite the hard labour, it was good memories.

    photo cache: tell me about it,
    really hot these days, but so far, still manageable... ^0^

  8. I like the way the seller languidly puts her foot on the bike wheel. Well captured.

  9. Palaging kasama sa list ko ang watermelon kasi summer na rin dito. Kung mainit sa Pinas, dito as in super.

    When I was a kid, super ayaw ko ang watermelon and when I was conceiving my bunso, noon lang ako natutong kumain ng watermelon :))

  10. What a lively street! Your photo depicts people's daily life very well. I love the vendor's pose, she looks tough.

  11. snow white: haha, tnx, tnx! ^0^
    and I was waiting if she'd put her foot down and look into my direction.


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