Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Jones Bridge "

Just in time to catch this one crossing the bridge.
I'm not sure but it looks like a cleaning boat,
I hope the promise of rehabilitation and cleaning of the Pasig river
still continues and not only in trendy areas but
even the unseen as well.
It would've been great for let's say river cruising for tourists or
simply exploring great sights without worrying on inhaling any weird or
foul smells and whatnot.


Which reminds me that I have to take the ferry ride sometime. ^0^

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  1. It is a great shot! Hopefully they will keep the promise of cleaning the river.

  2. I do hope that proper funding will be given to this worthwhile project. Keep us posted on this project, k?

  3. Photos from a ferry ride would be fantastic! But since I get seasick, I'll leave that up to you! hehe.

    I like the yellow handrails on the bridge ;D


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