Wednesday, March 23, 2011

" National bookstore "


Still one of the biggest chain in town, despite the recent bookstores sprouting
here and there.
In fact, it used to be my number one aid back when I was studying.

They have everything from textbooks to novels, even a whole range of school supplies,
and hallmark cards, you name it they got it.

how about you, what's it like in your neck of the wood? ^-^

ps: sorry for not visiting and if posting is a bit of a random.
Life has been busy and managing time in between blogging, erm, can be difficult. ^-^
But I do read your comments all the time and appreciate it a lot.

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  1. Nice logo and colors. We do have a some book store chains left here Barnes & Nobles, Books a Million, Borders and some others, nevertheless the local independent stores have disappeared.

  2. One of our absolute favorite places to be: bookshops. The other one, for Rob (me) being photo shops.

  3. I like to go to the local "Barnes & Noble" book my neck of the woods!

  4. I LOVE bookstores! I have a favorite used bookstore for english books that I just adore. Could be in there for hours...actually I have. haha!

    What's your favorite book, Arabesque? :-D

  5. barnes and noble and borders are good, but i still prefer national bookstore. i used to spend a lot of time browsing.

  6. We're big fans of Barnes and Noble as well. There used to be an independent bookstore in Denver called The Tattered Cover. Until they tried to be exactly like Barnes and Noble, they were one of the best bookstores around. They closed up shop a couple of years ago which makes me sad. Before then, my in-laws always got us gift certificates for Christmas, and we'd all go down there to shop for books. Those are some of my fondest memories.

  7. haha, it looks like Barnes and Noble wins the spot. ^0^
    i'm glad everyone agrees on one thing... books! ^0^


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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