Sunday, March 20, 2011

" Manila Metropolitan Theatre "

With a glimpse seen from above, this is
one of the few Art Deco inspired structures in Manila
and it's the
Manila Metropolitan Theatre.


Built during the 1930's, It has undergone numerous renovation, surviving the war even, but with little hope, sadly, this structure felt like its abandoned
and eerily haunted.

I have yet to visit its facade when I have the time.
It would be interesting to see what it really looks like.

Back in 1995, our dance troupe even had a memorable performance,
but those were the days...

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  1. You are right it looks like it has seen better days. Still a great building.

  2. I looks huge! It would be very interesting to see inside it :-D

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I've been inside the MET last Feb. 13, 2011 for a play. I never go to plays, but when I've heard that someone will have the the MET as their venue of their play, I didn't hesitate to buy tickets..

    Here is the link to some of my photos of it on my Flickr..

  5. As from what I'd seen inside the theater, it still needs a lot of renovation, although you could still see its former grandeur.. I hope it would be restored fully soon... :)

  6. hi ymmau, first off, tnx for dropping by and for the link.
    I was browsing through your fotos, good composition btw,
    and it reminds me of that seemingly eerie place it was once upon a time, it clearly needs a re-do without a doubt.
    tnx again! ^0^


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