Monday, February 14, 2011

" something's Fishy "

It was a day in Quiapo along the muslim neighborhood, when I saw a couple of vendors hanging these in their carts.
all seems well, when one of them tried to wave me away and said
no picture taking! It's prohibited. really?!
I think she thought I was going to take a picture of her.

On another note...
nothing to do with this fish post.
I wish everyone a Happy Hearts day! ^0^
I hope everyone shares this lovely day with someone special and
close to their heart.

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  1. I'm glad you were brave enough to still take the fishy foto! And now the whole world sees your "prohibited" photo - he he!

  2. Please someone pass me a plate of freshly cooked steam rice with sliced tomatoes and a little vinegar and alamang dip to go with that fish.

    Happy heart's day to you too. Go have some fun today.

  3. Arabesque, I just love this title! lol. Great photo, too :-D

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  4. leif: haha! ^0^ some situations can be weird, i mean a prohibited foto of this display?!

    luis, rob n mandy: tnx!

    photo cache: yum indeed! ^0^

    kaori: haha! spur of the moment. tnx dear! missing you n your fotos already...^-^

  5. Yummy naman...mas gusto ko suka at patis with tomatoes;)

    Walang bawal-bawal basta may magandang subject hehehehe.

    Belated happy Hearts day!

  6. hi missy: hehe, i think it's my face that spells "bawal".
    happy v day to you too dear! ^0^


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