Tuesday, February 8, 2011

" Oops! ^-^ "


Just around the neighborhood,
the less fortunate would take their kids out in the street to have their bath.
Excuse the expose butt though. ^-^

ps: thank you for the well wishes.
I'm doing better than ever. ^0^

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  1. It is a great image. Moving and powerful!

  2. I really like the black and white rendition of this image. Hay buhay sa Pinas. Kapag nakakakita ako ng ganyan, I always wish for more investments and trabaho sa Pinas para naman matulungan ang mga kababayan natin.

    You made me smile at the same time, this image reminded me of my childhood hahahahah! My mother used to take us outside the house, where the faucet was located, to give us a bath. Hay buhay probinsya noon :)))

  3. The photo is fantastic! Now, for the living conditions... what can I say? A lot, but ... !

  4. luis, peter: tnx!

    photo cache: ^0^

    misalyn: haha, i hope it brought back good ,if not happy memories.^0^


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