Wednesday, February 2, 2011

" gong xi fa cai "

Let's welcome the Chinese New year as the clock strikes 12.
Hello year of the Rabbit.


As always, the streets here in Chinatown in every nook and alley have been filled with people, gift goodies, lucky charms, tons of non-stop lion dance as the celebration continues till the end of the week.
While the government didn't think fit it to be a holiday,
the Chinese communities are looking forward to it.
Surprisingly though, a lot of Filipinos are also anticipating it as well.

and yes, color Red and the fiery Dragon is official.

ps: don't forget to ask for Red packets from grannies and aunties. ^-^

you can learn more about its festivities and cultures
here. ^0^

and here are some fotos around Ongpin and Binondo.


a Ginger root or Gabi root tied with red ribbons are also considered lucky.


it also comes in pots.


vendors and their display..,


and to bring luck and prosperity all year round,
one must hang this trinket in front of their door.

how about you?
did you celebrate it in your neck of the wood as well? ^0^

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  1. I already wished a very happy new year to all Chinese I met today, all 6 of them. Didn't meet any rabbit though. Happy new year to you!

  2. As there are a number of "Chinatowns" now in Paris, there have been a number of celebrations! (I did not post about it, as I already did it a previous year.) Happy New Chinese Year anyhow! :-)

  3. Love this post! Beautiful colors.

  4. Happy New Year Arabesque! Once again you reminded me of my roots (at least kalahati hehehe). I remember my Lolo used to hang some trinket and give us "ampaw".

    I like all the photos, so colorful!

  5. Great fun and great colors in your Chinese New year photos! My wife and I once celebrated it in Singapore!


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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