Thursday, January 27, 2011

" Yellow house "


This sunny apartment located along Osmena highway
is one of the many public housing provided by the government.

But the problem is that there's not enough allocation for the common people
and in a government with too much hush-hush and anomalies, building something takes time and money.
As a result, most of them were forced to live in unstable conditions,
i.e the shanties area I've shown the other day.

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  1. this looks like a very decent dwelling. i do hope that there would be help in housing for the poor.

    i love yellow, this appeals to me a lot.

    happy weekend.

  2. You wont find such pretty public housing complexes in our waters here! Nice and yellow, very good!

  3. Pretty nga :) Sana lahat ng pabahay ganyan :)) Hay, wish ko lang !

  4. That would brighten up anyone's day! But yes the government takes forever to do something, and that's if they actually can agree on it! Hope for the best :-D


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