Wednesday, January 19, 2011

" Osaka- the final round "

Here's my finale for my Japan tour.
A collection of night shots along Dotonbori, Senichimae, Shinbashi etc.

I think they're two things you wouldn't want to miss when you're in Osaka.
The luminous lights that surrounds the area particularly, this must see Glico man which changes its scene from time to time.

and another thing is this moving Crab sign, that's so huge,
i'm afraid one can't missed it. ^0^

it's best to visit during night time, that's when the lights are up
and the place gets livelier.
In Senichimae, there are shops and restos and yes, there's even
a 100 yen shop.

some of the street scenes you'd find, a big puffer fish sign.

an eye catching hand that's holding a sashimi ( i think... )

Kinryu is one of the must try ramen shops here apart from...

this Ramen shop also, the place was packed with customers waiting outside.

and this is another cute signage, btw, this friendly looking creature
is like their welcome lucky cat here in Japan.

and it wouldn't be complete if we haven't tried the deli
Okonomiyaki, - Japanese pancake.
Here's the resto's interior.

can you read the menu? ^0^ haha, it took as awhile to read all of it.
But don't fret, they also have an english menu. ^-^

at last, here's our Okonomiyaki, i think it's Hiroshima style. hmmm...

and a delectable Fried Yakisoba. ^0^
You can cook it on your own actually, and I thought we'd be doing it,
luckily, the server was aware that we're not familiar with it, so...


here's the erm, chef preparing our meal. ^0^


It was uber fun while it lasted.
Pepperoni and I ended up buying the same boots at the end of our trip.

I hope you guys enjoyed the tour as much as I did with your comments. ^0^
Japan is indeed an interesting city that's left us with good impression.
Mostly, I admired them for their discipline and cleanliness.
Something we Filipinos need to adapt.

There are still more photos to share,
I'll be posting it in my other website, Mon Journal de Voyage
Feel free to drop by and leave a comment or two. ^0^

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  1. Do you have another blog? I'm going to have to go see it ;-D

    Love your night photos of Osaka! The okonomiyaki looks yummy, too! I think it's Osaka style because Hiroshima style has fried eggs and yakisoba noodles ;-D

  2. Oh, I miss okonomiyaki so much...
    Especially the Hiroshima-style!

    But I think that's Osaka okonomiyaki.

  3. Osaka is a nice place to visit. Looking at your photos, red is the dominant color :) it must be really lively.

    We (hubby and I)thank you for "taking us" there with your photos. We truly enjoyed it.

  4. i am guessing that the 100 yen store is equivalent to our 99c stores here? how are the goods?

    oh your boots are so yummy, i want one in the same color :)

  5. I wish we had such pedestrian-only streets in Mumbai.

    I just wanted to drop in a quick word of thanks for supporting Mindless Mumbai. And an invitation to join me on Facebook at kb/photography.


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