Tuesday, January 25, 2011

" The house that Juan built "

Yesterday, Kaori asked where is this all coming from?


Can you see those old shanty houses on the right?
a big part of that trash, is them, polluting this river.

Photo cache asked if this is a portion of the Pasig river?

yes, I think it is,
It's actually a small bridge around Chinatown that's sadly, left abandoned.

and the smell?!
believe me, they stink really bad! ^-^

As much as we want to rehabilitate the whole river,
This takes time, a lot of effort and discipline.

Like what Eki commented:

" Plastic and people's ignorance of the fact that it cannot be digested by nature are a disaster everywhere. We need to reduce the use of plastic and educate people of how to use and treat them properly."

Let this be a rude awakening to us all.

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  1. Although, at a first glance, you may say that this looks so colourful, it's of course a disaster. Should I come over and help cleaning? :-)

  2. What a terrible environmental disaster! If only some people could scoop out all that trash and waste and dispose of it properly! And educate those other people about garbage disposal!

  3. Whew! grabe talaga ang basura sa atin. Amen, I say to Leif's comment.

  4. Unfortunately, most of our oceans are beginning to look like this too.


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