Tuesday, December 21, 2010

" Babalik ako "

why the title?! ^-^
it means: I'll be back...
which has no relation with the foto btw.


apologies for not posting much about the Christmas spirit we have here.
again, it's been a busy and tiring week.
I like the image in this foto, it shows a hard working man,
more colorful ads, an iconic image of a local actor and the trees!
they look like pine trees which is so unlike Manila.

This will be my last post for the year 2010.
I'll be off somewhere and have my ultimate rest and relaxation (i hope).
I promise to share with you fotos of my trip and galore.

clue: It's the land of the rising sun. ^-^

I've been blogging not so long ago, posting during my highs and lows,
whether rain or shine, I try to post a thing or two about Manila,
its beauty and the opposite.

I have been fortunate to have bloggie friends like You, encouraging me to take
more fotos, making me smile every now and then, even taking a second and more
to comment about my post.
to all of you, even just visiting here without the comment... a warm Thank You! ^0^

Come 2011, I'll be bringing more sights about my city. ^-^
so, I'll see you guys in a bit... and before the year ends...
I wish everyone a loud
Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon !
" Merry Christmas and a Happy New year "

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  1. Just guessing, the title means: "I'm coming back"?

    I remember that ako in Pilipino means I (just like our aku in Indonesian). I didn't know what babalik was, but in Indonesian we have the word 'balik' which means 'go back'. So I suppose babalik also means go back? Our languages have a lot in common.

    Did I guess correctly?

  2. haha, so right eki. ^0^
    i was still trying to think about what to post, when you commented already.
    thank you. ^-^

    both our countries indeed have so much in common.
    that's whats interesting.

  3. Great photo! There's no better time like the present to take a break!

    (I thought the land of the rising sun was Japan? ;-D)

  4. Thank you. Have a great Holiday and a deserved rest. Hope to see you soon.

  5. Arabesque, there are SO many things you could do here!!! I'm pretty sure you'll know where to shop when you see it! haha. Let me know if you need someone to show you around ;-D Have fun!!!

  6. have a safe and happy trip. happy christmas.


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