Monday, December 13, 2010

" Christmas is near and it's here "

Remember Aristocrat, the scrumptious Barbeque take out I had awhile back?! ^-^


This is their main restaurant here in Malate and why not Trees on top of the roof eh?!

My first post with something Christmas inspired. ^0^
and although, I haven't been out and about lately, been busy with this and that.
There's always something magical and a whimsy feeling when you see how trees
lights up at night.

how about you, how are you guys preparing your Christmas?

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  1. Very nice. You are so right. It is beautiful to see how everything starts to get into Christmas mood.

  2. I'll send you some snow from the mountains here to complete the picture.

  3. I like the fancy red and orange Christmas trees on top of the roof! A wonderful night photo, Arabesque!

  4. I JUST sent out christmas presents...hoping they get there on time! lol. I LOVE those trees up there, although they don't look very stable ;-D

    Hope you're enjoying the holidays, Arabesque!


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