Thursday, November 25, 2010

" Cornered "

In one of my unfamiliar walks, there are these narrow alleyways that lead from one street to another that are mostly residential.


But not all of them look like this.
In fact, it's a friendlier version.
I like how the residents planted these greens that added more decor to a dull atmosphere and then makes it distinct from the others.


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  1. When we went to Japan, we went to Shin-Fuji because we were trying to get to Mt. Fuji, but we ran out of time. So we stayed in the town and went exploring. These alley ways remind me of that. The residents had these nice little gardens with flowers and sculpted trees. It was pretty cool.

  2. vm sehy: haha, i thought so too. ^0^
    oh, i hope i can visit Japan soon.

  3. Looks more like a luscious garden than a back alley! Wish we had this here


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