Thursday, October 28, 2010

" National Museum "

I have showed fotos of the National Museum of the Philippines many times already and it never seizes to amaze me its small and grand details.
Like these three figures in the pediment, which hardly anyone notices,
I did try to search for infos about it but nothing came up,
I'm pretty sure it symbolizes something or depicts something of a historical past.


as birds perching on top of the structure,


and a row of Corinthian columns in its ornate details of acanthus leaves.


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  1. Thank you. Your pictures are gorgeous. Beautiful details.

  2. this was the first building that really made me awestruck!

    i wish i could see this and explore here again.

  3. Nice shots of the details on this building. Too bad you weren't able to find out who the statues are. I love taking pictures of buildings and their details. In the US, we have such dull architecture anymore especially out west.


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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