Sunday, July 25, 2010

" LoTTo "

Do you believe in luck?... Most Filipinos do!


Everyday, a lotto outlet like this never goes out of line, esp. when the winnings are high.
Headed by PCSO (Phil. Charity Sweepstakes Office)
and for as low as P 10.-
you can place your bet for a 6/42 combination already.

I usually bet on "lucky pick" nos. and must admit,
i'm not really good when it comes to this.
Some lotto addicts believed it has everything to do with analyzing its pattern.
regardless though, there's always wishing for a "what if"...

What if you won the lottery?
what would you do with the money?! ^0^

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  1. Depends on how much I would win, but the first thing I would buy is definitely a new Canon.

  2. Depending on your local laws, the only ones real lucky are usually those running the lottery. Over here the state is in control and I view it as sort of a voluntary tax... :)

  3. Did you join the line?

    Major house renovations! Hmmm… make that, demolish the house and build a new one from scratch. :D

  4. I've bought one lottery ticket in my life. It was only 300yen (about 160 peso) but I only got one, and my friends all made fun, but I actually ended up winning 3,000yen! yay! I may have used up all my luck there, though. hehe :D

  5. Move to the Maldives or the Seychelles, or buy our own private island??? Questions, so many questions...

  6. steffe: me too! ^0^ i'm craving for a new lens. (one of of my wish list)

    per: oh, i don;t exactly know how it works here, but i'm sure the gov't and the office are making huge profits. ^0^

    hilda: haha, like the 2nd idea better! renovations can be complicated. ^0^

    kaori: haha! luck is in your hands! ^0^
    i wish i had that too!

    rob n mandy: wow! that's paradise! ^0^


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