Sunday, June 6, 2010

" Robinson's Place "


This is a bird's eye view on one of the famous malls here in Manila.
From afar, you can see the red canopy and the 3 stooges from my last posts.

I was supposed to post it the other day but one of my hard disks got a Trojan virus which affected the whole laptop and it took me awhile to clean out the
whole thing. ^0^

melody: Christophe Maé- J'ai Laisse

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  1. Wow very nice take arabesque :) new camera? hehehe and im sorry for the trojan attack, that always sucks. :(

  2. layrayski: hi! no its not. ^0^ but i don't use it often, you know how it is here, have to be xtra careful. hehe..

  3. Would that be an everyday kind of shopping mall for most people or do they specifically target those with thicker wallets?

    Good luck with fighting Trojans!

  4. hi per, lol, no, it's for everyone.
    glad to say that my trojan dilemna has finally ended. ^0^


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