Monday, June 21, 2010

" Sineguelas "


The sineguelas tree sheds off all its leaves before it flowers,
and it appearS just in time for summer.
Wait for the fruits to turn red because that's when they're sweet and juicy. Nutritionists tell us that this fruit is full of Vitamin C.

(source: Philippine Fruits)

For half a kilo, it's only P 15.- (less than a dollar).

melody: Palpitation - joanna wong.

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  1. These are pretty good looking to me as they are!

  2. You know it's summer when the plums arrive in the markets. I'd never heard of this variety before. Sounds delicious!

  3. What if I get me a bag of green ones. Will they turn red in my fridge while I'm waiting? :)

  4. Are these a type of plum? Look good.

  5. it's the sineguelas that i haven't had and seen in a long time.

    i wonder why i could get caimito frozen or santol in brine, but not sineguelas at all.

  6. Another fruit, unknown to me! Lucky you to have so much choice of juicy fruits!

  7. I haven't heard of sineguelas. They shape is a little like a cross between a nectarine and an apple. Great shot btw.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  8. Gosh, I haven't had siniguelas in ages. Now my mouth's watering for some…

  9. Another exotic Philipino fruit! Would love to try ;D

  10. paula: it is, :P

    per: lol, :P

    rambling round: erm, think so. sort of...

    photo cache: oic, sayang, now i wish i could send them to you so you could re-live the taste. ^0^

    bfg: yup it is, very juicy, esp. when it's ripe.

    hilda: teehee,..^0^

    tnx for the comments!

  11. Nice market scene. I would love to try the fruit.


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