Thursday, June 10, 2010

You might be wondering what in the world is this?!
It looks unpleasing to the eye,
But if you're familiar with Chinese cuisine then i'm sure you've seen
it already. ^0^
It's preserved "Szechuan" Vegetable, derived from a province in China with
the same name.

Szechuan is mostly stir fried with thin pork strips that has a tinge of spicy,
oily and especially peppery taste all at once!

and where in Manila can you see this?...
at a public market here in downtown where most of the Chinese locals would buy
their ingredients...


You'll see them outside their stall, well preserved in a large jar like this.
Now, the tastes may vary depending on how the vendor adds its mixture and spices,
so it's best to buy them from someone you're familiar with.


melody: Bigger than my body- John mayer

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  1. what kind of veggies is that? i can't make it out. is it cauliflower?

  2. Well spotted! Does look slightly troubling until one has read your explanation but who can resist an oily and peppery taste?

  3. Great capture. I am just not hungry now. ;)

  4. What a wodnerful cheery photo. Such delicious colour.
    Melbourne Daily Photo


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