Thursday, May 20, 2010

" Wish you were here "

Photobucket experience Metro Manila's rush hour,
here's a more or less everyday scenario. ^0^
This is while waiting for the train to arrive.

melody: What I wanted to say - Colbie Caillat

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  1. Love this kind of shot! Great picture. Thanks.

  2. I love train stations. Not as busy as I would have thought at rush hour time. Nice picture.

  3. Ouch, mind the gap or mind the track or mind those feet! Whatever. Thanks for sharing your subway world with us.

  4. Ok,I'll use the train if I were there.Over here in Sarawak we have a coastal belt that runs 1000 miles long , but we have not a single train to travel form one end to another.We move here by tyred-vehicles,planes and sea crafts.

  5. It seems very orderly in spite of being crowded. Public transportation makes so much sense. I wish we had more.

  6. They should build some more offices out of town. Nobody is taking the trains on the left.

  7. This photo reminds me of Jakarta commuter train stations, although I heard that Manila had better commuter train system.


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